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Watermap of Amersfoort

While previous Amersfoort route maps by FASadE focused mainly on architecture, the latest contribution is a Water Map. The Waterkaart Amersfoort takes you past places in and around the city where water plays an interesting role. It shows how the city and water are inextricably linked and is richly illustrated with photos and illustrations. Architectural photographer Dirk Verwoerd captured the places, H+N+S Landschapsarchitecten provided the illustrations for the text and Studio Jesse took care of the graphic design.

The water map not only shows beautiful illustrations and photos, it also tells about the current water task in Amersfoort, its cultural history and water as a source of life and sustainable source of energy. 

English version of the Watermap Amersfoort 


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FASadE gaat in gesprek over hedendaagse vraagstukken in de stad. Opgaven met betrekking tot architectuur, stedenbouw en landschapsontwerp worden aangekaart en uitgelicht in debatten, lezingen en excursies. Kijk in onze agenda voor een overzicht van onze activiteiten!